There was a time the word “organic” was barely uttered. There was also a time being “natural” was not sought-after. This is not the case anymore.

With the sensational wokeness of natural hair, also came the birth of “all things organic” people desiring to live right and eat right. These many ways has multiplied the longevity and bliss that comes with being human.
There are a lot of misconceptions and high expectations placed on organic hair products. People expect these products to work magic and take your problems away in a second. These products are used with little or no effort from the customers to practice hair care routine, yet they blame these products and the brand for not achieving desired results.
That is not to say that some hair brands don’t fail to uphold their brand value; some of these brands promise one thing and do the other. This has created more doubts for clients and have pushed them to experiment on DIYs that sometimes is a fail. However, our brand stands out.

Our brand is formulated with natural herbs, seeds, butters and essential oils, free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils, with a sprinkle of love designed to fit your crown to your head.
Prettiroot Organics has a vision to create women support club community for all women of texture because we believe no matter your hair type and texture, keeping it natural, is keeping it real.
We are set to achieve high customer satisfaction by giving you the value for your purchase with a warm-hug customer service relationship.

Prettiroot Organics is a brand with the sole mission of empowering women of color and texture to embrace their natural hair with effective chemical free products handmade to nurture and nourish the hair.

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