This is my hair; Eight years and unrelaxed. I started being on my natural hair way back before it became a sensational change for Nigerians living in Nigeria. Some of us started to appreciate our hair in all its textures; coarse, curly, brittle or not.

Honestly, I had the worse case of hand on hair syndrome 😁.
Like a new mom, I tried to navigate the bliss and burns that came with being natural. I took advantage of my hair flexibility and didn’t let it breath🙆🏾‍♀😩

It’s quite laughable when I hear people think African hair don’t grow ridiculously. We can be Rapunsel people!!

What’s more laughable than when people think length is only achievable with good genes.
My Dear, have the World’s best genes, if you do not care for your hair, use good products like ours, and follow rules of wearing an African hair on your skull, your hair length journey would be overwhelmingly slow.

People say my hair is so long and I wonder how? But I know my length could have been better had I known what I know today.

Stay glued for tricks and techniques of length retention

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